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Another example of the quality of Dockside Power™, Inc. designs is that the panel board enclosures are constructed with a welded truss and a pinch/bent angle internal mounting system for superior strength in wind load situations and architecturally clean lines.

Dockside Power™, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality solution for your marine power requirements.

All of the 3rd party components used are of the highest quality as made by these distinguished manufacturers: Sqaure D for the breakers, Hubbell for the receptacles, Marathon for the blocks, with Carlo Gavazzi or EZ Electric meters.

All of the standard and set screws are factory thread sealed in the shell, block, breakers, mounted components, and receptacles.

Each pedestal is designed to be a reliable compact combination of power, metering, and communication in one location. The superior appearance provides function and long lasting appeal. Durable corrosion resistant components can withstand severe environments, hot or cold.

Dockside Power™, Inc. was established to provide the ultimate solution to the marine power requirements of marinas and homes. With over 40 years of experience in marine power, we custom design power pedestals unique to your needs. All products are manufactured at our Hollywood, FL location.

Our equipment is tapped directly for the insertion of threads for all of the screws and attachments; this along with our all welded construction methodology reduces the amount of dissimilar metals in our pedestals, which you are no doubt aware is a leading cause of failure of marine systems. It is important to note that the use of the thinner 304 stainless steel requires threaded inserts to be installed at every location where screws alone are to be used, which of course adds to the number of dissimilar metals in a structure.

Our transformers are all double dipped, copper wound, and high efficiency TP1 rated. Additionally, our transformer housings are designed for heat convection, i.e. for use without fans. This is another differentiator between Dockside Power™, Inc. and other designs, which eliminates the possibility of fan failure than can lead to transformer failure when the airflow stops and the internal temperatures rise to a level that exceeds the temperature rating for installed dry-type transformers.

We use state of the art powder coating, which has a TGIC polyester base.

Our equipment is built using .125" (1/8") thick 5052h32 aluminum sheet, which is stronger, lighter and more than twice the nominal thickness of the 16 ga. or .059" thick 304 stainless steel used by some of our competitors. Our pedestals, transformer modules and truss reinforced panel board enclosures are built using as much of these materials as possible.  They are welded rather than riveted to minimize any galvanic corrosion within the unit, which allows for contiguous electrical bonding that helps to protect you against corrosion in all of the electrical appurtenances that are subsequently attached to the base units. The same engineering philosophy guides in the choice to use as many identical materials as possible up to and including our .25 or ¼" thick mounting plates for the pin and sleeve type receptacles. Also inherent to our design philosophy is the use of an all TIG welded construction for additional strength and appearance of the base units. This and the use of 5052h32, by our experience, insures unsurpassed durability, strength and longevity, especially for high turnover, high end and large vessel/high capacity marinas. All of our equipment that is manufacture in Hollywood, Florida USA is a synergistic blend of heavy gauge marine rated aluminum, bending, TIG welding, internal bracing and power coating; all working together to result in a while which is greater than the sum of its parts. In addition, the supports for all of the mounted equipment are .125" (1/8") thick as well and TIG welded in place with tapped holes for components.