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Dockside Power, Inc. was established to provide the ultimate solution to the marine power requirements of marinas and homes. With over 40 years of experience in marine power, we custom design any dock box or marine power pedestal unique to your needs. All products are manufactured at our Hollywood, FL location.

Each dock box and pedestal is designed to be a reliable, compact combination of power, metering, and communication in one unit. The superior appearance provides functionality and long lasting appeal. Years of experience have allowed us to design and manufacture the highest quality dock box and pedestal available.

Home Use Power Pedestal:

What to look for:

  1. Design: Does the pedestal look aesthetically pleasing?
  2. Durability: What materials are the pedestal made off?
  3. Functionality: Does the pedestal offer what you need in terms of volts/amps?
  4. Accessibility: Is the inside of the pedestal easily accessible for repair?
  5. Longevity: What is the life of the pedestal being offered?

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Energy Management System:

Key Benefits:

  1. Energy usage reduced when the slips are not occupied.
  2. Real time remote monitoring of power usage and parameters.
  3. Logging and reporting of marina power data.
  4. Decrease in operating costs.
  5. Effective transfer of energy parameters into point of sale system.

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Replacement Parts:

  1. Hubbell Marine Receptacles
  2. Square D Breakers
  3. Electric Meter Replacement Parts
  4. Photo Cells
  5. Powder Coated Hose Holders

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A New Generation of Technology

Dockside Power has developed a data monitoring system that
enables the dock master to remotely monitor the energy data of every slip.

A New Generation of Technology

Adapting to Change

Large Marinas and Boatyards across South Florida and the Caribbean are finding that as yachts increase in size, they need to make the necessary power upgrades to remain up-to-date.  Marina Bay in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Viking Service Yard in Riviera Beach, FL are current clients using up-to-date Dockside shore power systems and dock boxes in South Florida. Profitability is tied to remaining up-to-date and investing in durable leading edge shore power systems. Let us give you a competitive quote for your next upgrade project. 





The Dockside Power Advantage

At Dockside Power, Inc., we take pride in our customer service and satisfaction. With our high-quality dock boxes and power pedestals, we are sure to outrank any of our competitors.

  • Our equipment is built using .125” (1/8”) thick 5052h32 aluminum, which is stronger, lighter, and more than twice the thickness than most of our competitors.
  • All of our units are welded rather than riveted to minimize any galvanic corrosion within the unit.
  • All of our units are powder coated inside and out; helps avoid corrosion from the inside out.
  • All of our pedestal’s edges are rounded off. Paint tends to start to chip where 90 degree angles exist because that is where the paint is its thinnest. By rounding off our edges, we avoid this tendency.
  • We use a copper grade anti-seize on all of our screws, bolts and nuts. This compound lets us tighten all of our electrical connections better as well as serves as a lubricant for running screws in and out over time. The compound is also copper-based, so it serves as a better electrical conductor.
  • Our receptacles are all recessed to a 45 degree angle. This avoids direct exposure to sunlight, rain, and the unqualified golf cart driver who backs into pedestals on a regular basis.
  • We use nylon washers wherever there is a difference of metals that can come into contact. This avoids corrosion.
  • Finally, and of great importance, the entire front cover of our pedestal comes off with 6 screws. This allows for easy access to all the components in our pedestal. This lengthens the life of our pedestals simply because they are easily accessible and repairable.
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At Dockside power inc. we have been serving marina owners and yacht owners for decades. We take pride in the superior products we offer and customer service.

When you come to us for all of your marine pedestal and energy management needs, you are working with a company that truly has the experience to give you the best results possible. Reach out to us today, and let’s get to work.

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