The world is a changing, and if you’re a marina owner hoping to attract today’s big yachts,
you need to change with the times. 480V service is what the new yachts are looking for
and if you are a provider, they will come.

The new beautiful 82 Cockpit Motor Yacht by Viking hooks up to 480V.

dock power pedestal

Would you like to attract one of these as a permanent or regular visitor at your marina?

Maybe you’d like a handful for the season. If you do, you’d better have reliable electrical service. Here’s what we are manufacturing for our boatyard and premium marina owners. We call it the All-In-One. It solves a handful of common issues and represents your marina as a professional and up-to-date enterprise. The finest marinas in the world are using this product.

dock power pedestal

Here are the specs:

dock power pedestal specs

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Whether you are a marina owner ready to upgrade your marina or a homeowner looking to rent your dock, please reach out to learn more. You can reach Dockside Power Inc at (954)920-0189 or visit the official website at Our products are American Made and we are proud of it.

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