Looking for electrical solutions for your dock? Dockside Power, Inc. offers the best in electrical substation & substation accessories. Serving the Hollywood & Naples, FL area, Dockside Power does a quick and easy installation of any electrical substation, saving you time and money! Contact us today for more information.


  • 75 KVA, 3 phase, 120/208 volt, and 50 KVA,
  • 120/240 volt, single phase transformer


Our transformers are all double dipped, copper wound and high efficiency TP1 rated. Double dipping a transformer completely seals it, making harder for salt pockets to form. A copper wound transformer is less coercive, more efficient, and simply lasts longer. These factors plus having connections at the top of the transformer increase the sub stations hurricane and flood survivability. Our transformer housings are designed for heat convection, i.e. for use without fans. This eliminates the possibility of fan failure and subsequently transformer failure when airflow stops and internal temperatures rise to a level that exceed rating temperatures for installed dry-type transformers. This is a design unique to Dockside Power.

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