Energy Management System

Dockside Energy Management System

How many mistakes do you suppose your meter reader makes each day when calculating power and water usage?  Those mistakes can add up.

Dockside Power has developed a data monitoring system that enables the dock master to remotely monitor the energy data of, electric power and water consumption, of every slip.  The monitoring includes voltage, Amps, and KwH, and gallons used. The Energy Management System is a meant to be a precise system that not only diminished the margin of human error but also increases the efficiency and effectiveness of a Dock Master and his staff. The data collected is then seamlessly transferred into the point of sale system for billing purposes.

Of great benefit to the marina owner is the option to remotely turn the power off for unoccupied slips.  Like any electric service or appliance, electric systems that are idle are wasting electric energy, sometimes at a significant expense. Remote shutoff capability is essential to reducing your carbon footprint and advertising as a “green marina.”

Dockside Marina Energy Management System


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