Electrical safety is imperative for your marina or boat dock. Dockside Power near Naples can teach you how to keep your boat dock safe. Marine electricity is never something that you should take lightly as even the slightest mistake can cause electric shock drowning. Because we are manufacturers of power pedestals, we understand the danger that putting electricity near water can cause and we strive to educate our customers so that they stay as safe as possible. If you are interested in learning more about us and our products, contact us at Dockside Power today.

Boat Dock Safety

The first thing that you should know and understand is that all docks and boats carry sources of electricity. If there is faulty wiring or someone has used damaged electrical cords or other devices, this can cause the surrounding water to become energized. That is why it is so important to never swim near a marina or near a boat while it is running. The other thing that you have to remember is that there is no visible warning to electrified water which means you will not be able to readily tell if there is something wrong with the water. Additionally, the electric current in the water could cause the paralysis of the muscles which could ultimately end in drowning.

It is required for marinas and boatyards to have ground-fault protection to prevent water electrification. Be sure to check that your marina and the boats within it have the appropriate GFCI protection. However, if you happen to see electric shock drowning, you have to make sure to turn the power off of whatever devices may be nearby, throw a life ring into the water, call 911, and use extreme caution if you attempt to remove them from the water. Do not enter the water yourself as this can cause you to drown as well.

GFCI breakers should prevent this from happening. This is because they are meant to prevent electrocution by shutting the power off to the circuit when the electricity that is flowing into the circuit differs by even a slight amount from that electricity which is returning.

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If you are interested in learning more about marine electricity, we at Dockside Power can be your resource. We know what it can be difficult to choose a power pedestal when you know that so much is at stake, but we can assure our products unlike anyone else.

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Dockside Power is a power pedestal manufacturer located near Naples. We are experts in the field of marine electricity and we understand what it takes to make sure that you get exactly what you need to be safe. With our help, you can be certain that the products that you purchase will never put you and your loved ones in danger. We can also help you take those extra precautionary steps to maintain as safe an environment as possible. If you are interested in learning more about our products, contact us at Dockside Power.

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