There are many different kinds of boat docks with their own specific needs. If you are a boat owner, it’s important to be informed about what kind of dock you might need as well as the materials they are made of. Different styles of boat docks use different material, and may require different equipment and upkeep. Choose the best style of boat dock for your boat and home in order to maximize your boating experience. Of course, every dock needs equipment and materials, and we at Dockside Power in Hollywood can provide you with the best quality equipment for your marine electricity needs with state-of-the-art power pedestals

Kinds of Boat Docks

One kind of boat dock is a piling dock. Piling docks are permanent structures that can be made out of wood, concrete, or steel pilings driven into the ground for support. These piles are supposed to be driven very deeply into the ground at a depth three times their width. A steel framework constructed for teh dock’s walkway is placed on top of the piling foundation, and then covered in decking. Keep your wood piling in good shape by using wraps or chemicals to prevent wood rot, which damages the piling and can make your dock unstable. Pile Caps are another option to protect the wood grain from outdoor elements. Wood docks splinter, however, so watch out for splinters! Piling docks are very stable, don’t require much maintenance, good for deeper waters, and can be used for mooring boats.

Another kind of dock is a pipe dock, which are less permanent and generally constructed from aluminum. A pipe dock consists of pipes simply resting the bottom of the water. They come in several shapes, such as straight, L-shaped, T-shaped, and U-shaped. Pipe docks are a bit more eco-friendly and leave a smaller environmental footprint as they allow more sunlight to reach the aquatic life. However, they aren’t great for winter storage in colder areas because they should be removed during winter months. Shallow water is the best place for pipe docks and are easy to install yourself. If you need somebody to help you with your other marine electricity needs, however, we at Dockside Power are the people to do it!


Another kind of dock you can easily install yourself is a floating dock. A floating dock is pretty much eponymous- it’s a dock that floats on the water. They are more affordable than permanent docks, but not as stable as other docks and can be difficult in rough waters.

Other Boat Docks

Drawbridges have not gone out of style! Life up docks, or articulating docks, are similar to a one-sided drawbridge. They are great for winter conditions because the dock can be lifted out of the water during winter months and if local ordinances do not allow keeping docks in the water.

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There are a number of dock options for a boat owner out there! If you’re looking at boat docks, chances are you already have a boat or are planning to buy one. Call Dockside Power in Hollywood for your marine electricity needs and take good care of your boat!

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