Part of owning a boat is knowing how to be a good neighbor to other boat owners. Nobody wants to be the rude boat owner who blocks other boats and causes delays. Learn proper boat ramp etiquette and others will appreciate your preparation and consideration. Although launching conditions will vary with each boat ramp and different water and tide levels, these tips will help guide you to have the most efficient boat launching and loading experience for the best time on the water. For more tips on launching as well as your boat’s equipment needs such as the gfci breaker, contact Dockside Power near Naples today!

Tips on Boat Launching

When launching and retrieving your boat, try and complete as much of the preparation, loading, and unloading in the “staging area” as possible. This will help to avoid unnecessary delays and blocking the boat ramp when others are trying to get out. When launching your vessel from a trailer, it is important to prepare your vessel well away from the boat ramp and check to see if all aspects of your boat is in place. Make sure all required safety equipment and the vessel’s registration card are on board, connect the trailer coupler securely to the ball hitch, and finish other preparation activities for a safe launch. When moving the vessel to the boat ramp, have a lookout or someone in the boat to check the drive before backing down the ramp.

Make sure you move the vessel out of the way when loading passengers. Secure it to a courtesy dock while your passengers are boarding, and try to quickly move the towing vehicle off the ramp so it’s not in the way for others. You don’t want to run into another boat and possibly mess up your gfci breaker, although if you do, Dockside Power is the place to go!

When Leaving the Boat Ramp

This may seem obvious, but don’t cut in line! People get mad when others cut in line and a physical altercation could occur.The last thing you want before going out on the water with your family is to get into an argument or fight! When retrieving, do not pull your vessel into a boat line until everything is ready and the towing vehicle is at the ramp. The line is not supposed to be formed by vessels in the water, but by vehicles with trailers. Never block a ramp with an unattended boat, and use at least two experienced people to launch and retrieve the vessel for maximum efficiency. One person should be driving the towing vehicle and another person should be driving the boat. When you’re washing your boat, don’t take forever. Try to be speedy at the wash-down ramp, particularly if there’s a line. Other boaters want to keep their property clean as well!

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Overall, boat ramp etiquette is fairly simple if you stick to one rule: Be considerate. Don’t hold up the traffic by not being prepared, or leave loading until the last second. By being a considerate boater, you can reduce boat traffic and the chances of getting into an accident. You care about your boat, and others do too! If you’re a boat owner and looking to get the best equipment for your boat and marina, such as a gfci breaker, contact Dockside Power near Naples today!

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