It is extremely important to be familiar with marina and boating rules in order to own and operate a boat safely. You want to keep your boat and whoever is on it safe, and also don’t want to spend money on expensive repairs for accidents. Accidents often happen when people don’t follow the rules for marinas and boats. Your boat could run into a dock box or collide with other boats or even people. Master your marina etiquette and  you will develop a good relationship with your neighbors as well as maximize safety for you and your boat. If you need equipment or advice regarding your marina near Naples, call Dockside Power today for quality marine power equipment.

Follow Boating Rules

Keep in mind a few basic rules when it comes to boating and everything else should be a cinch. One crucial thing to know is to not rush at the end of the day. When the night is coming, everything is getting dark, and you just want to hightail it to harbor for a much-needed drink, it’s easy to rush. But this is the worst thing you could do. Slow down and try your best to creep along, so you don’t create a disturbing wake and give others a chance to help guide you in. If you run into another boat or run into a dock box, you’ll definitely be missing cocktail hour.  Another thing to keep in mind is to try to dock stern in. It takes more time to back your ship in this way, but not only is it much easier to board your boat, but you provide a clearer walking path along the docks for other people. For boats with large bows or pulpits, this is especially essential.

Keeping your boat clean and organized is important in reducing any potential slip-ups. Coil your dock lines, make sure everything is stored in your dock box, and don’t leave watersports gear and life jackets all over the dock. When it’s getting dark, it can be hard to see random gear on the floor, and tripping on a splintery wood dock in flip-flops is a terrible way to wrap up a good day on the water. Another way to make sure you don’t ruin your evening with some small mishap is to shut down your gear after you leave the boat. If you’re going up to the marina restaurant for dinner or drinks, make sure to turn off your lights, radio, CD player, television, and anything else that could disturb surrounding boats and bystanders. The last thing you want is for neighbors to yell at you for leaving the radio on loudly.

Boating Rules are Intuitive

Some boat owners love partying at night. Some are worn out and tired from a big day in the water, and all they want is some peace and quiet undisturbed by loud neighbors. Some marinas have lots of rowdy nightlife and plenty of partygoers, but many are quiet at night and their occupants enjoy peace and tranquility. Don’t be too obnoxious if everybody around you is having an early night, and try not to whine if there’s a party in the next boat when you’re trying to read a book by yourself.

You don’t like dawdling on the road, and the same applies at the marina. You need gas? Make it snappy and move along. Use the designated areas to pack or unpack the boat so you don’t slow others down- after all, you’d want them to do the same thing. Try not to loiter around fuel docks or launch ramps, especially when other boaters are trying to get going.

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Follow these basic boating rules for a successful experience on the water! If you need more equipment for your boat or marina, call Dockside Power near Naples today.

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