While swimming and boating spell plenty of summer fun, there are many electrical hazards that lurk among these leisurely activities at marinas and docks. This is why it’s essential that you have your boat inspected on a regular basis by a licensed electrician and keep yourself informed regarding electrical hazards in order to avoid potential danger. It is also important to learn about dock electrical safety and the problems that can come with electrical set-ups in marinas and on boats. Dockside Power in Hollywood, FL offers a marine power pedestal that meets the highest safety standards and holds a guarantee of innovative quality. Call us today for your marine pedestal needs!


Electrical Issues At The Dock


Docks and boats contain different sources of electricity, meaning that they also carry the dangers that come with electricity. Of course, with the proper quality marine power pedestal from Dockside Power, you never have to worry about your pedestal or dock box going haywire. However, faulty wiring or damaged electrical cords and other devices still occur, and such electricity issues at docks and on boats can cause the surrounding water to become energized, making it highly dangerous for swimmers and boaters in the area. This is why you should absolutely never swim in the water next to a marina or near a boat while it is still running, as there may be certain electricity hazards that can endanger your safety. Remember that electrified water shows no visible warning, and the electrical current in the water can cause muscles to become paralyzed, which may result in drowning or injury.


Dock Electrical Safety Tips


In 2017, the National Electrical Code started requiring marinas and boatyards to have ground-fault protection in order to prevent water electrification. So, you must ensure that your marina, and the boats in the marina, have the proper GFCI protection. Only 10 milliamps of electricity, 1/50th the amount a 60 watt light bulb uses, can result in muscle paralysis in the water and lead to drowning. This is why Dockside Power’s innovative power pedestal and dock box designs are specially geared towards higher safety standards. Our quality guards against malfunction and decreases the chance of electrical hazards and potential disasters due to faulty wiring so you and your family can have a good time on the water. All you need to do is routinely keep your boat or marina’s electrical system inspected and well-maintained, and keep in mind our recommendations for avoiding safety hazards.


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Dock electrical safety is paramount to enjoying a fantastic time without incident. Think of your boat or marina like your house in that it requires routine electrical inspection and possible maintenance in order to keep it functioning properly and to avoid potential electrical hazards. Dockside Power Inc. in Hollywood offers you an innovative, high-quality marine power pedestal, so call us today for your marine pedestal and dock box needs!

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