Owning a dock power pedestal and dock box is very handy for boat owners, and makes the life of a fisher easier. With this great addition, though, comes maintenance. In order to ensure your product works and stays working, you must keep up on inspections. A pedestal is a great asset, however, once it stops working, it can be a hassle. Dockside Power is here to help you avoid this.


It Is Time For Maintenance

By code, all components of your electrical system in your marina or RV Park, including marina power pedestals, should have routine maintenance and inspections at least once a year to make sure they are in good working order.  One of the best times to do this is now, near the start of the year. Finding problems at any time makes your facility safer for your customers. Doing it now helps prevent potential customer service issues further down the road when you are busy.  No one likes replacing a breaker or receptacle when the marina or park is full.


Dockside Power’s power pedestals make inspection much faster and easier than most traditional pedestals.  By removing four screws and snapping the panel off, you can see all electrical components, allowing you to check for corrosion, loose wires, burn marks that indicate overheating, and so on.  Many other power pedestals require the operation of multiple doors to get into different areas of the pedestal, or even taking parts of the pedestal apart.


Our power pedestals can also be safer to work on.  You can remove the panel to a workshop to clean up corrosion and replace a breaker or receptacle if needed.  No more working in front of your customers in an environment that is not as safe as your workshop. Best of all, you can replace the panel with a spare while you do the work on the damaged panel, never being “out of service”!


Our Dock Power Pedestal Inspection Tips

  • Electrical System
    • Test the ground integrity and polarity


  • Wire connectors/terminations
    • Is there any corrosion/rust or arcing heat marks?


  • Wiring
    • Check for any corrosion/rust or arcing heat marks


  • Receptacles
    • Securely fastened without any corrosion/rust or arcing heat marks


  • Breakers
    • Do the breakers turn on and off as expected?


  • Is there any corrosion/rust or arcing heat marks?
    • Are lights turning off and on?


  • Meters
    • Are they turning and reporting as expected?


  • Counter
    • Replace fogged up counters


  • Body
    • Any cracking or other issues that need attention


  • Doors and covers
    • Are they in good working order and close as expected?
    • If spring loaded, they must be closing


  • Mounting
    • Is the pedestal securely mounted?


  • Water connections
    • Are they in good working order and have the backflow preventer?


  • Hose/cable brackets
    • Make sure they are in place and in good condition


  • Cords    
    • Are they Cords Marine approved?
    • Is there any water?
    • Are splitters being used?
    • What is the condition of cords?


Call Us Today

Are you still confused about how to inspect your dock power pedestal? No worries! Dockside Power is here to assist you! Call or visit us online today for more information. We offer all the best marine products including a dock box. We are the best in Naples!

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