Marina power pedestals are one of the most important parts to look at when purchasing or upgrading your marina. Dockside Power Inc. is the ultimate solution to your marina and home power requirements. With years of experience, we design reliable all-in-one dock power pedestals according to your needs.

People investing in marinas or boats are making one of the largest investment of their lives. In order to secure their investment, they need assurance whether the money they are putting in is worth it or not. Our mission is to provide quality services and products to encourage potentials boaters to do business with us.  Contact us to learn more.


All in One Dock  Power Pedestal


Dockside Power Inc. all in one power pedestal is the answer to every boat power problems. With the high range of circuit, it can accommodate any vessel with any American voltage. For example, 100AMP 480v 3Ø; 100AMP 208/120v 3Ø; 100AMP 240/120v 1Ø; 50AMP 240/120v 1Ø; and 20AMP 120v GFCI Receptacle.

When purchasing a boat, it is important to look at the maintenance aspects of it. Keep in mind that around 30% of your budget is required for the maintenance. However, with the progressive technology, you can get everything under one roof.

Dockside Power Inc. all-in-one power pedestals are designed by keeping the safety of the customers’ in mind. The company is certified compliant and meets the industry standard requirements. Its price may be a little bit on the high side, but there are many advantages of owning an all in one power pedestal.


What are the benefits?


There are several advantages of owning a dock power pedestal for your marina. It allows you access to breakers, lighting, water, cords, and much more. In short, it makes everything easily accessible and convenient for you, which results in great customer satisfaction. In addition, it makes your employee’s lives easy. It not only brings the sense of professionalism to them, but the whole operation runs smoothly and provides high-quality service. The power pedestals not only generates the quality atmosphere but also enhances your services.

Secondly, the power pedestals are easy to maintain and allow cost-effective scrutiny in order to run pedestals smoothly. Ensure to get your pedestals check once a year. It is recommended to make a maintenance checklist for your marina. The most important aspect is to look after the safety of yourself and people around you whether it is a boat or home. Do not forget to include power pedestals in all your inspections including the wire connections as per the industry requirements.

The hurricane season is around the corner and these dock power pedestals could save you from disasters. All you have to do is detach the top of the pedestal and store them safely; they are easy to install.


Contact Us

If you are a boat owner and looking for an upgrade, then do not forget to contact Dockside Power Inc. Our high quality all in one dock power pedestals will make your life hassle-free and profitable in long-term. You would never regret this investment. You can reach Dockside Power Inc. at (954) 920 – 0189 or visit the official website Dockside Power Inc.

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