Everything you need to know about turning your backyard dock into a place a premium boat owner would want in to keep their boat is right here, just read on.

Let’s face it – if you’re living on a navigable canal or on the Intercoastal and you have some dock space, renting it out can be both fun and profitable.  It is fun because, at this stage of life, you probably don’t really need the profit. But who likes waste. Also, having a beautiful boat out in the back yard is kind of cool.

Having an unsightly or unsuitable power system for a premium boat is not cool, though.  You probably want that beautiful Hinckley, Viking, Hatterras, Tiara, Grand Banks or Sunseeker owner to stop in and say, “My, that’s a nice power system you have, will it handle my boat?”  And you’ll say, ” Yes it will and it’s the finest on the market, it’s made right here in Florida with the finest components at Dockside Power. I met them at the Fort Lauderdale Boat show and I’ve been to their production facility and I know the owner, Chuck Smith.  He guarantees it.” And that proud boat owners will say, “This is going to work out just fine then.”

75-100 Footers – These days, the newer boats need 480 Volts of electricity or more.  You’ll probably need upgraded service from FPL and a separate meter, and a pedestal that is roughly 18″ by 18″, around  4 feet tall, and made of about ¼ inch aluminum.  I like them with lighting and with the finest ball-type water hook-up. You want your power pedestal to look as fine as the boat you want to attract, so our pedestals are powder-coated and come in Marine White, or can be painted whatever custom paint color your designers think you should have.   It will be baked on with a powered coated finish, will look perfect, and, most importantly, be solid and durable. Click here to see what you need.

30-75 Footers – One or two boats.  Here’s where we need some versatility, so we have a few different premium quality pedestal combinations for this arrangement.  You’ll probably want a 12” x 12” pedestal with 100Amp, 50Amp and 30Amp outlets and two water hook ups all in the same pedestal, as well as  meters to serve each power and water outlet so you can accurately charge for the power and water used. You might be pretty affluent, but nobody wants to get ripped off by a slip renter who keeps their AC cold enough to hangs meat in the boat while they’re away for the summer.  You want to give that extra money to the charity of your choice, not your slip renter.  Click here to see what you need.

The Owner’s yacht – You don’t need a separate meter at all since you’re paying all the bills anyway, so we leave off the meters.   But we need shutoffs so the ten boats that are anchored in the bay don’t come in between 3-5 AM, load up on water and battery power, and then float back out in the bay before you head outside to the enjoy a morning coffee on your dock.  If your own yacht is not parked there, the dock is for your boating friends to swing by for dinner and drinks, not the freeloaders anchored in the bay. Click here to see what you need.

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