Have you been looking for an efficient energy management system to make sure you are always up to date with information about your boat? Dockside Power Inc. in Hollywood, FL has come up with a piece of marine electricity equipment that can give you the best readings available and make sure that you are always in the know. Keep reading to find out more information about their product and why you should consider investing in one.

Use Our Efficient Energy Management System

There are a dozen marine electricity devices on the market that claim to give you the best readings and results when it comes to your boat’s data and information you should be analyzing. However, not all of the products are created equal. Even if your meter reader is only making a couple of mistakes a day, those few mistakes add up over time, and eventually, you are getting inaccurate information that can end up causing damage to your vessel.

We have created a data monitoring system that allows the dock master at your marina is to monitor the energy data, electric power, and water consumption of every boat in every slip at the marina. The device reads Amps, KwH, as well as gallons used, so you are getting the most accurate information available. This system does not only erase the change of human error, but it increases the efficiency of the marina as a whole including the Dock Master and his employees. This piece of equipment also helps you because the data is able to be transferred into the marina’s point of sale system so they can accurately bill you for your usage. This is great because of the days of being overcharged for things. Another added benefit of this piece of equipment is the ability that a marina owner has to remotely turn off the power for any unoccupied slips that are at the dock. Similarly to any electric appliance in your home or business if it is sitting idle, you are wasting electric energy as well as money. Having a remote shut-off capability is critical to being able to not only save you money but also reducing your carbon footprint and allowing you to be a part of a “green marina.”

As a company, it has been our mission to provide the best and ultimate solutions to marine power requirements. Whether you are looking for equipment for your home or marina, we can have exactly what you’re looking for. Our power pedestals are custom designed for your needs and are tailored to fit exactly what you need. These pedestals are created to be a combination of power, metering, and communication in one centralized location. Not only are these pieces of equipment functional, but they are designed to have a long lasting aesthetic appeal too. In addition to their looks and functionality, these devices are made to be resistant to corrosion as well. This means that they can withstand any type of weather including winds, rain, snow, hot and cold temperatures.

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Dockside Power Inc. is a leading marine electricity company in Hollywood, FL. Whether you’re looking for an energy management system or another piece of replacement equipment, we have the products you need to make sure your boat is set up for hurricane preparedness. Call or visit us today to learn how we can help you.

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