Are you thinking about buying a dock power pedestal and starting your own Hollywood marina? Dockside Power is one of the most experienced and established providers of marine equipment in Hollywood and knows the ins and outs of everything needed to build a marina. Boat owners need a place to store their boats, both on and off season. Some vessels are able to be kept and launched on a trailer, but many boats are not able to. Even if you have a trailerable vessel, it is a huge hassle having to launch and take your boat out every single time you want to go out on the water. If you’re thinking about becoming a marina owner, here are some things to consider when weighing pros and cons. Call Dockside Power today to provide you with all the tools and equipment you need to build your own marina!

Why Do You Want a Hollywood Marina?

Building your own marina is a way to create a place for boaters to keep their boats. Boats are docked or moored in the water of a marina during the boating season, and then stored on land for the rest of the year. A marina business is suited for those who are familiar with boats and good with equipment. It is important to be mechanically inclined, as it is better to make basic repairs to docks and other facilities yourselves, so knowing basic mechanical skills helps to reduce maintenance costs, though they aren’t absolutely necessary. A typical day at a marina for an owner is highly involved. Marina owners both interact with customers and manage day-to-day business operations. Marinas offer a variety of services, and depending on what they offer, a business owner may help boaters fuel up, relay the forecast, give recommendations on boating locations, sell boating supplies and equipment, and more. Besides the customer service  side of owning a marina, marina owners also need to manage their employees, stock supplies, and do some day-to-day reparations on equipment like a dock power pedestal.

Owning a Hollywood Marina

Who are the customers for a marina business? Your ideal customer is the owner of a powerboat or sailboat that is too big to easily trailer. Such a boat must be docked or moored during the boating season and takes up a lot of docking space, which accumulates fees. Docking and storage fees are usually based on the size of a boat, so the costs for keeping large boats can be very high. A marina can also sell fuel to large power boats that require a lot of fuel.

A marina business’ ideal customer is someone who owns a sailboat or powerboat that’s too large to easily trailer. Not only will such a boat need to be docked or moored during the boating season, but it will take up a lot of docking space. Since docking and storage fees are often charged by the size of a boat, the costs for keeping these boats can be high. Large power boats also require a lot of fuel, which can bring in more revenue if a marina sells fuel.

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Are you considering building a Hollywood marina? You will need a lot of equipment, such as a dock power pedestal! Dockside Power in Orlando has years of experience and will provide you with only premium quality equipment and service. Call Dockside Power for your marina today!

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