There are many reasons to consider adding a new marina power pedestal to your dock. There are a lot of things to consider because although there will be initially money that needs to be spent, it will be worth it in the long run for your marina as a whole. The team of professionals at Dockside Power in Hollywood, FL, has the knowledge to help you figure out which dock power pedestal is best for you. Keep reading to find out more!


All of the Details You Need to Find the Right Marina Power Pedestal

When boaters pull into your marina or come to visit it with guests, they want to feel like they have found a home away from home as well as a place where one of their largest investments will be safe. First impressions go a long way, and even if you’re saying all of the right things trying to convince people that your marina is the best, it still may not be easy. The experts believe that you should create the best package possible to let boaters know that choosing to dock with your marina is the best decision to make, and having a dock power pedestal available can also help current customers remain happy and docking with you. 


When people are deciding which marina is right for them, they are following checklists the same way they would if they were looking for a new home to live in. Having marine power pedestals available is one of the top items on boaters’ checklists. They not only create a professional look and feel, but they also ensure that the potential customers know they’re safe. These pedestals add to the list of services that your marina can offer while simultaneously creating an atmosphere of quality and elegance. These products will also ensure that your customers tell their friends about your dock, which means you will increase your revenue by filling slips quickly and creating demand and urgency for openings at your dock. Also, if your marina remains busy, local shops, fuel stations, and restaurants will make more money as well. 


Marina Power Safety

Power pedestals are also designed and created to keep boaters safe while supplying power to a boat. In addition to keeping everyone safe, marine power pedestals are designed for easy use and maintenance. Having a safe environment will provide peace of mind that customers desire. These products will also work to reduce your liability and insurance rates. 


Marina power pedestals, as well as light pedestals, will not only benefit your boaters and customers, but it will also make your life as an owner significantly easier and better. You will, without a doubt, make your business more profitable, and you will be providing better a customer experience and workplace environment for your employees. 


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