For many of us Floridians, we love life both on and near the water. This means proper boat care and marina management are essential things to have throughout our beautiful sunshine state. At Dockside Power, Inc., we specialize in providing marinas across the state with power through are many different products and product parts, such as a shore power pedestal or other marine electronics. This is especially useful for homeowners with docks in their backyards. When you own a boat, you want a reliable source of marine power. We’re located in Hollywood, FL, so if you’re in the area, you’ll definitely want to check us out for marine power near you.


About Us at Dockside Power, Inc.

We at Dockside Power, Inc. have over 40 years of experience in marine power. We were born out of the desire to provide the ultimate solution for power management for marinas and homes. We can custom-design any dock box or marine power pedestal to suit your needs, and our products are all manufactured at our home location in Hollywood, FL. Our goals with our products are to provide long-lasting functionality and provide our customers with high-quality dock boxes and pedestals. Your satisfaction with our products is what drives us to provide for more and more marinas and boat owners.


Our Selection of Marine Electronics: Pedestals

Our main product specialty is our pedestals. If you’re in need of a shore power pedestal, we have options ranging from small: our Series 100 is capable of handling vessels up to 65 feet, to  large: our all-in-one pedestal that can supply any vessel size, Even as big as 200 feet, and offers a variety of power options. 


Other Products We Offer

Beyond our shore power pedestals, we also have several other products and parts to choose from also:

  • Pedestal Accessories
    • Our pedestals benefit from being custom-made with a wide variety of accessory options to help ensure the device is best suited to your needs. Some options include telephone outlets, TV outlets, a Watt Hour meter, CAT 5 outlets, LED lighting, remote read capabilities, and more.
  • Substations
    • Our transformers are double-dipped, copper-wound, and are high-efficiency TP1-rated. A copper-wound transformer is less coercive and lasts longer to maximize its lifespan. They are also designed without the use of fans through heat convection. This helps users avoid the issue of transformer failure due to lack of airflow should there be a fan failure.
  • Replacement Parts
    • Over time, machines do wear and need replacement parts to stay running perfectly. Not every problem needs to be resolved with replacing the pedestal, after all. Our expansive knowledge on marine power can help you diagnose problems you’re having with any current pedestals. If you know the problem, or we have identified it, we have the inventory to help you get your pedestal back in tip-top shape.


Contact Us

If you’re looking for a diverse supply of marine electronics, we at Dockside Power, Inc. in Hollywood, FL, have what you need. From our shore power pedestal options to our variety of accessories and transformers, there’s something for every marina or boat owner in need. Contact us today to hear more about our products in greater detail.


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