Do you have a marine generator for your boat? Whether you do or not, you should know how important it is to have one. When mariners gather for discussions about all things boating, an important topic that often comes up about boat generators: Which one is the most beneficial? The conversation can quickly get confusing from there. Luckily, the professionals at Dockside Power Inc. is here to clear up the air when it comes to choosing the perfect marine generator.


Types of Generators to Look Out For

Like any other piece of boating equipment, the best size and type of boat generator depends on how it is to be used. If the plan is to take it to the beach to provide power for a sound system or to keep drinks cold, any number of small, portable gasoline units weighing as little as 50 pounds are available. Should you go the smaller route? Or do you think bigger might be better? 


If the generator is going to be used to power tools that are part of a vessel’s repair or maintenance system—such as a welding machine on a metal boat—the smaller portable units will generally not do the job. Any generator with an output of at least 5kW will be required if it is to be used as part of the repair and maintenance system of the boat, as anything less will not produce enough power to run all repair tools at the same time.


Things To Consider in a Marine Generator

The following are all factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right generator for your boat. 

  • Engine Type
    • Is it a two cylinder that tends to vibrate, or is it a four that needs to be counterbalanced? Maybe it is a three or six cylinder that is already balanced naturally and runs smoothly. 
  • Running RPM
    • Generators will typically run at 1200, 1800, or 3600 rpm. Determining what generator is right for you depends on your specific model. 
  • Output
    • If a generator is too small, breakers will constantly trip and wear out quicker. This can cause carbon build up on the cylinder heads. 
  • Estimating Load
    • List all the wattage requirements of the appliances on your boat. Figure you need the maximum possible load to run appliances and lights. 
  • Look at these factors as well:
    • Cooling Sound Enclosures
    • Controls
    • Electric Fuel Injections
    • Automatic Shutoff
    • Gas or Diesel


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