Boating aficionados know how important it is to keep the utilities of a marina in top shape, like a well-oiled machine. Each piece accomplishes an essential role in maintaining the safety and regular operability of the installations, preserving a secure environment everyone can enjoy. Assuring the marine power supply is on 24/7 is the best way to service the facility, granting continuity of electricity and communications use, which shouldn’t be taken for granted, especially during hurricane season. With Dockside Power Inc., a Miami-based dock power pedestal provider with 40 years of experience, ensuring the protection of the marina or home dock is a palpable possibility. Continue reading our tips to know how to do it.

Three Tips to Protect Your Dock During Hurricane Season

  • Keep the electrical system working

Check the boxes, breakers, conduits, grounding jumpers, and power inlets and outlets. Do this every month, and get started with the necessary repair jobs -if any- before the troubling weather season hits on full force. Since we are talking about electricity, it is always better to hire a specialist. 

  • Remove foreign material attached to the structure

Plants, animals, and waste material -thrown at the water- find a way to stick to the dock support structure, making it weak. Clean the structure by removing the material and help to preserve the integrity of the civil foundations. 

  • Assure all the areas of the dock are in good condition

Regardless of the quality of material utilized, time and usage take a toll on any structure continuously exposed to environmental elements. For docks, it is essential to fix any loose, rust, or broken piece at a prompt period. This will reinforce the stability and safety of the structure.

Why Is Marine Power a Critical Service for the Dock? 

Counting with a trustworthy source of power supply in a dock is highly needed for the steady operation and safety of the boats and marina. 

With marine power pedestals, marina owners have that secure device powering the boat and granting safety during start-up and shut down, in an environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, the pedestal can be used to light the dock at night, improving the surveillance of the area.    

The Provider You Choose Can Make the Difference

Miami is one of the cities of the U.S. with the highest probability to be hit with tropical storms and hurricanes each year. Hence, having a provider that genuinely knows the vulnerability of the region and employs expert designers and manufacturers that know how to integrate those weather complications into the final product, totally changes the way you will use it and maintain it. 

Dockside Power Inc. designs and builds reliable, compact, and customizable products for marinas and home, like the central dock power pedestal.  

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Are you a boating aficionado? Then you know how important having a working marine power system on your dock is during hurricane season. Visit Dockside Power Inc. today, see the customizable dock power pedestal, and choose the better fit for you. 

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