The best choice when it comes to marine electricity is a marine power pedestal. Many boaters across Florida use this as the best form of marine electricity. When a person walks on to a marina, they typically see a receptacle for shore power on a post or a wall. However, the professionals at Dockside Power Inc. have a way to save money and also upgrade your marina. We specialize in marine power pedestals, Hollywood.


It Is Time To Make The Investment

When a person takes a trip to a marina, they are visiting their home away from home. It is a place that stores their second-largest investments, outside of their home. Think of a marina as a sanctuary for vessels. Those who dock their boats in marinas are trusting the marina to protect their boats. Because of this, it is important to approach this just like any other product or service. It is time to create the best package possible in order to convince boaters to choose your marina and stay there versus the competition. 


This requires looking at our operations, from our people and facilities to the appearance and amenities of the marinas.  Just like when they chose a neighborhood to live in, your potential customers have checklists of what they are looking for in order to make the decision on where to build their lives on the water.  Marine power pedestals are an important part of creating a professional appearance within a safe environment that can set us apart from the competition.


Reasons To Invest in a Marine Power Pedestal

If you need some convincing as to why you should buy a powerful pedestal to provide marine electricity, here are a few reasons why our professionals say get one today:

  • Professionalism
    • A dock pedestal adds to the many services you can incorporate into your marina. For your customers, you want to make sure to provide the most benefits to get them to be lasting. You will create an atmosphere of quality, which makes it more likely your customers will bring more business. 
  • Safety
    • Safety is always the most important aspect of any successful business. A marina power pedestal is designed for the specific use of safely providing power to boats. These pedestals must be compliant with industry standards. Their design allows for easy use and maintenance. 
  • Operational Branding
    • Once in the marina, access to breakers, the ability to easily get cords in and out, lighting, water, and other convenience options are all found in a marina power pedestal, which greatly increases customer satisfaction.  This leads to long-term customers and more word-of-mouth advertising. Dock power pedestals are also easier to service, allowing you to manage cost-effective inspections and run better maintenance on the pedestals.


Call Us Today

Count on us when it comes to marine power pedestals. Dockside Power Inc. is a leading marine equipment company in Hollywood, FL. Whether you are looking for a dock box or new shore power system, we have the products you need for your boat. Call or visit us today to learn how we can help you. 

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