Picture this situation. You’re finally docked up at the marina, it’s late, you’re tired, and the marina asks if a 50-amp receptacle would be okay since it’s all they have available. You have a 50-amp adapter onboard so you accept. You pull into the assigned slip, take the adapter to the power pedestal, flip open the receptacle lid, and see a power receptacle that has clearly suffered from heat damage. You may have a moment of panic as you think about having to go the night without power. In this situation, you need to always make sure that you choose an outlet that is functional and fits your adapter. Shore power safety is an essential part of owning a boat, and there are certain things to keep in mind in order to always maintain marine shore power safety, boat safety, and most importantly, human safety. Read on to learn more about the causes and prevention of shore power problems. Dockside Power, Inc. provides high-quality marine power pedestals in the Miami area. Call Dockside Power, Inc. for your marine power pedestal needs today!


Shore Power Safety


Many marina fires are started due to shore-power cords. Such fires typically happen in winter when heating requirements put substantial loads on electrical systems, and resistance in the cord strains electrical systems. If the contacts are not tight or connections are eroded, the circuit resistance creates heat that burns and melts plastic while loosening contact screws. If it goes unnoticed, the heat will build up until outlet smolders and may catch on fire. While this typically happens in the winter, the damage starts in the summer. Have you ever dropped a cord end in the water? Many people shake off the water and plug it in anyways. The residual saltwater around the blades can be transferred to the power post receptacle, and as the water dries out, salt crystals remain behind, which are corrosive. Corrosion is like friction in the electrical circuit, creating resistance, which results in heat. 


What To Avoid For Safe Marine Shore Power


There are certain things to keep in mind when it comes to your marine power pedestal in order to maintain safety. 

  • Disconnecting the power cord without turning off the power at the breaker- Every time you do this you draw an arc that burns a spot on both the receptacle and blade. Arcing burns are not conductive and cause resistance, therefore heat. 
  • Make sure to switch the breakers off at the shore power post and at the boat’s AC panel- Check the shore power pedestal, and if any part of it looks corroded or burned, then you should try and find a different pedestal
  • Take precautions- Always spray a receptacle with CR6-56 before plugging in to get rid of any residual moisture and fight corrosion on the receptacle as well as on your cord end.


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Marine shore power safety is essential, and there are certain precautions you should always take to prevent corrosion and extra heat. Dockside Power, Inc. is a top provider of marine power pedestals in the Miami area. Call Dockside Power, Inc. today for your marine power pedestal needs!


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