Owning a marina or boat dock requires a lot of work. You need to make sure you are constantly ahead of the game and keep the vessels who are docked on your property safe and prepared. Because of this, you need a company that is equipped with a quality marine supply. Luckily, at Dockside Power, we want to ensure you have all the accessories you need to run a successful marina. We offer everything in Naples, from a dock power pedestal to simple lights.


We Have The Best Accessories

Dockside Power of South Florida provides the best in dock accessories, like substations, electrical enclosures, and more! If you need it, we are bound to carry it. Maybe your dock is missing something. How many times do individuals come up to the pier only to kick themselves because they keep forgetting to buy a dock box? Every time you set foot on that floating dock and think of all of the neat dock hardware that you do have, how can you keep forgetting to look into a dock box? Maybe you’re not sure what makes for a good dock box and are afraid to commit to one. Read on for some helpful info about dock boxes and other useful dock accessories that could make your boating life that much easier.


We also carry Square D Replacement Breakers, Electric Meter Replacement Parts, and Hubbell Marine Receptacles, so if you are looking for premier products from one of these providers, we can offer you a better price.


Marine Supply We Offer

  • Substation
    • Our transformers are all double-dipped, copper-wound and high-efficiency TP1 rated. Double-dipping a transformer completely seals it, making it harder for salt pockets to form. A copper-wound transformer is less coercive, more efficient, and lasts longer. Our transformer housings are designed for heat convection, i.e., for use without fans.
    • These factors, plus having connections at the top of the transformer, increase the substation’s hurricane and flood survivability.
    • This eliminates the possibility of fan failure and subsequent transformer failure when airflow stops and internal temperatures rise to a level that exceeds rating temperatures for installed dry-type transformers. This is a design unique to Dockside Power substations.


  • Panel Board Electrical Enclosures
    • Dockside Power designs and manufactures custom Panel Board Electrical Enclosures of all sizes. Our Panel Board Enclosures are constructed with a welded truss and a pinch/bent angle internal mounting system both for superior strength in wind load situations as well as architecturally clean lines. The units are, of course, all welded and powder coated inside and out. They are all built at our Hollywood, FL, facility.


  • Trash Receptacle
    • Looks like a pedestal but is a garbage container. Hold up to 15 gallons and is completely weather resistant. No more garbage cans flying around when the weather is severe, and no more garbage floating around in your marina. Plus, this garbage container actually matches your Dockside Power pedestals to give an even sleeker and more professional impression to guests and boat owners.


  • We also carry:
    • Exit extinguisher
    • Data Electric Enclosure
    • Light Ballard
    • Dock power pedestal


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You can find all your boat accessories in one place: at our shop or in your dock box! We offer the marine power pedestal you need with our extensive marine supply. Dockside Power, Inc. was established to provide the ultimate solution to the marine power requirements of marinas and homes. With over 40 years of experience in marine power, we custom design dock power pedestals unique to your needs, all products being manufactured at our location near Naples. Contact us today to get all the necessary information you need in regards to pedestals and marina requirements. We are here to help!

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