If you are looking to upgrade your marina, there is no better way than with an All-in-One Power Pedestal from Dockside Power in Hollywood. Our power pedestals are equipped with all kinds of accessories and features that make buying them one of the best decisions you can make for your marina. If you are new to boating, they are a great way to get set up the right way. If you are experienced in boating, they are the perfect way to upgrade what you already have. Whether you are looking for a GFCI breaker for your dock power pedestal or a CAT 5 outlet, we can help you. Contact us today to learn more.

Learn More About Our All-in-One Power Pedestal

An All-in-One Power Pedestal is the answer to your big boat power problems.  With one 480v 3Ø circuit, you can provide 200AMP 480 volt 3Ø, 200AMP 208/120 volt 3Ø, or 200AMP 240/120 volt 1Ø.

This will allow you to accommodate any size vessel with any American voltage they may need.


  • (2) 100AMP 480v 3Ø  Pin & Sleeve
  • (2) 100AMP 208/120v 3Ø Pin & Sleeve
  • (2) 100AMP 240/120v 1Ø Pin & Sleeve
  • (2) 50AMP 240/120v 1Ø Twist Lock
  • (1) 20AMP 120v GFCI Receptacle


Dockside Power designed the All-in-One Pedestal with marina owners and dockmasters in mind. The last thing a marina wants to do is turn away a large boat because it does not carry the power requirements the boat needs. The All-in-One solves this problem. By simply bringing one 480v 3Ø circuit into the pedestal, boat owners can have any voltage they need. Marinas no longer have to choose between one type of power and the other; they can have them all with Dockside Power’s All-in-One Pedestal.

This is the type of solution many South Florida and Caribbean Marinas are looking for. They want all the yacht business they can get, and this is how they get it.

Unknowingly, Dockside Power solved a second issue. Many individuals with large docks behind their homes want to rent the space. The All-in-One Dock power pedestal is the perfect solution for them as well. No matter what size boat comes knocking, they are ready to go. The All-in-Ones even come with water and electric metering options.

This brings us to the huge benefit of working with Dockside Power. We custom build our pedestals according to your needs. Whether you are inquiring about our Model 100 or our All-in-One pedestals, you are getting the recommendation that will work for you.

Are You Looking for a Power Pedestal?

If you are looking for a power pedestal that will suit all your needs, we at Dockside Power are your resource. We know what it takes to make sure that you get the help that you need. Our power pedestals are built to last, and they are equipped with a variety of accessories to make sure that they are suited to whatever your needs. If you are interested in learning more about our products or have questions about our All-in-One Power Pedestal, you can contact us at Dockside Power today.


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Dockside Power is located in Hollywood, Florida. We have GFCI breaker accessory options as well as other products to suit your needs. Whether you are a marina owner ready to upgrade your Marina or a homeowner looking to rent your dock, please reach out to learn more.  You can reach Dockside Power Inc at (954)920-0189 or visit the official website at www.docksidepower.com.

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