This July, Dockside Power, Inc. is excited to be going to the Bahamas in order to share our expertise and experience with those who want to learn from us. Sharing our expertise and helping our past and new clients on the island is an integral part of what Dockside Power, Inc. does, which is why we will be consulting with our clients on the Bahamas. Here at Dockside Power, we respect the marine electrical design process and the hard work it entails. We rely on our 35 years of experience to guide our clients through each difficult decision they face. Remember- we work for you! In the Bahamas, Dockside Power, Inc. will be meeting with the owners of marinas, their project managers, and a group of engineers to discuss the scope of their various projects and what will be necessary in order to make it a success. Dockside Power, Inc. is a top provider of marine power needs, from the GFCI breaker you need to the premier shore power pedestal. Call Dockside Power, Inc. for your Hollywood marine power needs!


What We Do


Dockside Power, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing the ultimate electrical solution to marinas across the Carribean. With more than 4 decades of experience in marine power, we custom design power pedestals to meet the unique needs of marina owners, with all of our products manufactured in the US. Every GFCI breaker and dock power pedestal that we produce is designed to be a reliable, compact combination of power, metering, and communication in one unit. Our pedestals are at the top of the market for their durability, functionality, and long-lasting appeal, which is much more than that of our competitors. For this reason, we have decided to spend some time in the Bahamas. We are aware of the harsh weather conditions they face and we intend to show them why Dockside Power has the best pedestals and equipment for their marina.


We Provide The Top Shore Power Pedestal


We at Dockside Power, Inc. are dedicated to helping marinas run as efficiently as possible. Being able to save a maximum amount of energy is extremely important to marinas, and is a priority to us at Dockside Power, Inc. Dockside Power, Inc. is going to the Bahamas to assist current and future clients in optimizing their operations. We utilize our years of experience to recommend designs that may seem more expensive at the start, but in the immediate future as well as the long run will offer a marina a significant cut in cost as well as a very speedy cost recovery. Chuck Smith, the owner of Dockside Power, Inc. is one of the top experts on marinas, and his experience makes him a key consultant to the marina industry, particularly in the Bahamas. Not only does Dockside Power, Inc. offers optimal energy solutions, but we also offer a very high-quality product that will last.


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Dockside Power, Inc. is known as the foremost provider of marina shore power pedestal and GFCI breaker needs, which is why we work as consultants for our clients in the Bahamas. Call Dockside Power, Inc. today for your Hollywood marina needs!

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