As a boat owner, you know that every time you run your engine and use your boat you are producing a significant amount of pollutants into the air and water. It is also becoming standard practice for marinas to regulate and restrict how often diesel engines can be used during specific times of the day. Most of the marinas are setting the time frame from 8 pm to 8 am. This is why looking into a shore power system may be the right thing for you and your boat. In addition to having a well-equipped dock box these systems can help keep your boat in the best shape. However, finding a reputable company to buy one from could be tricky. If you’re in the Holywood, FL area, Dockside Power Inc. is a dependable provider of marine equipment.


The Benefits of a Shore Power System

There are a number of things that every boat owner needs aboard their vessel to make sure that their boat is kept in tip-top shape every time it’s used. There are a couple of pieces of equipment that every ship should have on board. One is a dock box filled with the essential tools needed during a boat trip and the second is a shore power pedestal. It’s easy to understand and see the importance of the first piece of equipment, but some boat owners struggle with the decision to buy a shore power pedestal because of the cost involved with it. That’s why it’s important to understand the benefits of these systems and why they can help improve the lifespan of your boat.


It is no secret that diesel engines emit a significant amount of pollution when they are being run. This is why many marinas across the country have started to restrict the use of these engines when they are docked. Purchasing a shore power pedestal can help correct this problem. With this piece of equipment being added to your boat local pollution can be significantly decreased and reduced. This means that the air around the marina where your boat is docked will become cleaner and the environment will be much quieter.


The engine of any vehicle is the most expensive piece of equipment, and a boat is no different. The fact that a ship has a diesel engine makes it even more costly. There is a lot of maintenance that goes into making sure these engines run efficiently. Every type a diesel engine is used the lifespan gets significantly decreased, which means not only do you have to spend money on fuel for a trip but every trip you take increases the cost of maintenance that needs to be done. Owners can continue enjoying their boats in the dock if they install one of the systems.


Not only do these systems help keep your boat maintained, but they are also extremely easy to install. Because they can be installed both vertically or horizontally, there is a significant amount of flexibility when you’re trying to figure out where the system should be located. Also, their design provides a beautiful aesthetic for the look of your boat and can add a great deal of resale value.


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