For those who are not active in the boating industry, the introduction of remote read may seem a bit daunting. However, we at Dockside Power in Hollywood know the power of these new water meter reading systems. We are experts in our industry and we know that every advancement made is not only a benefit for those who frequently use their boats, for the environment and your wallet as well. With our marine power pedestal options, you can try out these incredible advancements for yourself. If you are interested in learning more about remote reading systems or if you would like to see one for yourself, contact us at Dockside Power today.

Remote Water Meter Reading Systems

The idea of a remote water meter reading system may seem relatively new, but it is a revolutionary way of conserving energy. Think of it this way: When you are not utilizing your laptop, your computer has a system that tells it when you are not using it and it powers down. The remote reading system works in a similar way. By using the remote read control, you can turn the power and water to your power pedestal on and off to avoid any waste.

This also avoids the unfavourable situation of having someone pull into your slot in the marina. This is an occasional problem that does occur, where someone may try to take your slot and utilize the power that you pay for. Especially at larger marinas, this can be more frequent a problem than you may expect. However, with the remote read tool, you will be able to stop this from occurring.

Ultimately, what remote read does is save you money from the excess energy that you do not use and to save energy in general. It also transfers your savings over to the marina owner, who also saves money and makes it a win-win all around. This is what makes the remote read such a revolutionary product for the industry.

High-Quality Marine Power Pedestal

The truth of the matter is that the companies that invest in advancements are the ones able to provide the best quality products. That is Dockside Power is so proud of the products we offer. We care about utilizing the advancements that we see being made in the industry and we are excited by the prospect of seeing more and more progression as the years pass. We hope to be on the cutting edge of this wave of advancement so that we can continue to give all our customers products that truly make a difference in their lifestyle.

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Dockside Power is a marine power pedestal dealer located in Hollywood. We offer innovative solutions to power pedestals such as our incredible remote reading systems. If you would like to learn more about our inventory and what we can do for you, contact us at Dockside Power today.

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