Dockside Power, located near Naples, offers a variety of accessories to complement the main functionality of your power pedestal. Whether you need a simple power pedestal or one with all the bells and whistles, we are the right choice for you. The following accessories not only increase the effectiveness of your pedestal, but also make your life easier. Contact us today!


What Accessories Do We Offer?


We offer a variety of different accessories to help complement your power pedestal. First off, is our powder coated Hose Holder. We can either attach it to your power pedestal or you can take it home and attach it to your pilling. Either way you are getting a high quality product with a high quality finish. Next up is our louvered light. A louvered light offers a high end look to your backyard Model 100 pedestals. They redirect light to shine down and look absolutely beautiful. Along with a louvered light we also offer the option to have LEDs instead of fluorescent lighting, this is a personal choice the customer is free to make. Dockside Power also offers a wide range of colors; giving our customers the liberty to really design the ideal pedestal for their home or marina.

Furthermore, we offer all types of metering solutions; water meters and Watt Hour Meters alike. Marinas and homeowners looking to rent out their slips would be wise to make the investment in our metering options. Not only are our meters reliable but they will allow you to keep control of your revenues and costs. Along with your water meters we can equip you with the appropriate locking ball valves or regular ¼ turn ball valves.

Last but not least are our GFCI breaker options and our media outlets. We are ready to offer you exactly what you need in terms of GFCI breakers for your boat lift or other products that may need one. We are also able to build you pedestal with the media outlets you need, be it a CAT 5 outlet or a telephone/TV outlet. At every point along the way we will offer you are recommendations and do our absolute best to provide you with the best pedestal on the market.

Whether you are looking for a new power pedestal or looking to replace a faulty part, we are here to offer you a solution you can trust. Trust us with your business and contact Dockside Power today.


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Dockside Power is the manufacturer of marine power pedestal options located near Naples with expertise and trust. If you are in the market for a new power pedestal or if you are looking for accessories to better equip your pedestal, contact us at Dockside Power, to find what you are looking for.

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