Earlier this summer, southwest Florida’s waterways experienced a disastrous pollution crisis, resulting in ongoing problems with red tides, which are dangerous to boaters and beach-goers alike. Red tides and red drift algae cause respiratory problems in humans and are highly detrimental to the health and survival of marine life.

While officials are still looking for ways to clear red tides and pollution, there are a few ways that our local boaters can help maintain and sustain our waterways. Dockside Power in Hollywood, Florida, provides supplies to local marinas and boaters to help with this issue. A few options available to help keep our waterways clean and safe are using marine power pedestals, reporting spills, and volunteering at local marinas.

Here are a few more ways boaters can help maintain Florida’s exquisite waterfronts:

Practice Responsible Boating

Boating is just one of the many joys that Florida shores have to offer. Many of us know the work it takes to run a boat, but much less our responsibilities as boaters. The best and most important routine to take as a boater is to practice responsible boating. Making sure your boat’s accessories are up-to-date and compliant is essential. If you notice any irregularities like leaking oil, take care of them right away. Your marina should also have a marine power pedestal, which is a tool used to safely supply power to your boat. You can use a marine power pedestal to refurbish your boat and make sure it complies with safety regulations. It can help you replace breakers and receptacles, provide a powder coat unit for corrosion protection, and identify any other problems with your vessel.

Keep Waterways Safe

If you happen to notice that your cruising lounge has a leak, it is important to report it right away. It is better still to report any oil you may happen to see while out on the water, whether you think it is coming from your boat or not. You should regularly maintain your boat and ensure no oil is leaking from your vessel to help avoid polluting the waterways. Oil spills are a common cause for concern for our waters and ensuring there aren’t any leaks in your boat is an easy and efficient way you can help take care of our environment.

Keeping waterways safe for both you and our ecosystem also includes reporting debris pile-ups, deceased fish and other wildlife, as well as reckless behavior out at sea.


Living in paradise isn’t always easy. If we want to keep our access to sunny beaches and relaxing days out on the water, volunteering is always an option. There are many organizations along the east and west coasts of Florida that work hard to help keep our waters fun and clean. Your marine power pedestal can offer plenty of access to power so that you can charge up while volunteering to clean up our beautiful state’s water canals. For more volunteer information, visit Keep Florida Beautiful.
If you are looking for ways to help maintain Florida’s coastal waterways, you can also call Dockside Power in Hollywood, Florida, to see what supplies can help.

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